CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story - Immersive Dome Experience

Market Hall
Duke Street

Tel: 0330 223 4158

CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story - Immersive Dome Experience


Family Ticket: £8
Adult Ticket: £3.50
Child Ticket: £1.50

About us

On July 20th 1969, 600 million people around the world gathered to witness a historic moment of human achievement broadcast live from the Moon.

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong.

The world celebrated as the astronauts took their first steps on the Moon. But few people were aware of just how huge an effort it had taken to get them there.

These Apollo 11 astronauts were just 2 of nearly 400,000 people who had worked over ten years towards this goal.

But how did they do it?

What did it take to put humans on the Moon?

A fulldome show for planetarium and digital dome theatres.

Running time: 26 minutes


Map & Directions

Opening Times

Season (1 July 2022)
Friday18:00 - 18:30

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