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Friday 29th March, 2019, the day the UK is due to leave the EU, is barrelling down upon us and many businesses are now trying to identify what the implications for their operations will be.

Preparing to do business in a post EU world may seem a mammoth task to many organisations especially given the uncertainties that often accompany fundamental changes to the status quo. Luckily, however, there are a growing number of resources out there to help businesses and industries make sense of the muddy waters. The EEF, a membership organisation with the purpose of supporting manufacturers to thrive locally and globally, has built a Brexit Toolkit that is available to all manufacturers enabling them to better understand how their costs will be affected.

The system allows organisations to easily find out the tariff codes and duty amounts for their products, giving them an insight into how their bottom line will be affected. Additionally the tool will provide an overview into what the potential implications for migrant workers in the UK and workers posted in the EU might be. It will be updated regularly as the negotiations progress so businesses can easily find out how negotiations will affect them and it will highlight tax and duty relief schemes that businesses may be able to take advantage of.

The tool is aimed at manufacturers but could easily be used by any company that imports or exports products to the EU and beyond. There are subscription fees associated with accessing the tool, starting at £250 for core members of the EEF going up to £1,000 for non-members. The EEF does also provide a range of information on their website free of charge so be sure to check it out and have a look around;

If you are looking for further information on Brexit there are a range of resources at your disposal on the internet, one of which driven by Business West can be found here.



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