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Development at Bretonside - Plymouth
Project Progress   Site Number (M1432)

 Works progressed this week include:
• Glazing to ground floor ongoing. Phase 1 roof ongoing. SFS works started to triangle building.
• IMAX metal decking complete, A2 commenced. 
• Drylining to auditoriums 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, sky bar, and stair core E01 ongoing.
• Slab pours to phase 4B LGF. Preparation works in phases 1B & 4B. 
• Continuation of blockwork to liftshafts, LGF retail walls, unit 12. Substation, upper car park phase 4, and loaded out to skybar blockwork progressing.
• Auditorium 2 complete, 3 steel work ongoing, and commencing steel work to auditorium 12.
• Continue containment and pipe works on upper car park, and drainage to ground floor.
Works programmed for next week include:  

• Complete steel works to Auditorium 3, commence works to Auditorium 5, continue decking to terracing A3.
• Continuation of drylining to Auditoriums  5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, sky bar and walls to stair core E01. Fire stopping throughout.
• Continue  glazing and surrounds. Phase 1 roof and plant deck felting. SFS works to phase 1 and 4 ground floor.
• Pump concrete to Phase 1B and phase 1 ramp. Continue drainage works to Grid line AE. Start void formers to ground floor.
• Continue block work lift shafts, unit walls in phase 2/4, sub station, upper car park services room and sky bar. 
• M and E works to continue on upper car park level, and ground floor. Plant deck containment continuing.
• Escalator delivery and positioning.                                                    


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