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Business travel can be especially wearing when you are trying to combine early starts and motorways, whilst performing your regular daily work tasks. In today’s corporate culture, when we think work; nine times out of ten we think motorways – not desks!! 
This doesn’t appear to be seeing any signs of change from the latest report written by PWC in their Growth Beds in UK Hotels Forecast.

The New Continental Hotel follow conversations in their sector with great interest and were recently engaged by not only the PWC report, but also debates in Lodnon on current trends and change management issues. Top designers and experts from all over the world focused on the future of hotel design and why “lifestyle” is transforming the places we stay.

Bobbie Hajiyianni, the Managing Director of the New Continental Hotel, comments on how she feels ‘lifestyle’ has certainly impacted her business; but how it’s mainly due to the fact that ‘business’ has indeed impacted lifestyle!

“Today in the world of business, having to travel for work is essential.  Business is done on the road as much as it is in the office; and with a growing workforce who aren’t office based, times have definitely changed for my industry”

Bobbie goes on to say that growingly, what was once an assistant or PA making the booking, business men and women are more likely to choose their hotel themselves – rather than trust the decision of others. 

“ We have seen a definite shift in booking patterns over recent years, people are now making their own choices and for good reason – the market for business hotels has vastly diversified in recent years, and today’s business travellers can expect far more than just a  desk in their bedroom!”

Although the New Continental Hotel is not a specific ‘Business Hotel’, Bobbie explains that in her 30 years of experience she has noticed more recently, that people aren’t as set on staying in a corporate hotel as they once were. So, when asked ‘what can you do to get more from your trip?’ she shared her experiences:   

Choose the right hotel…

There is definitely more business travel, but companies have tighter budgets so are having to do more with less.  As a business traveller make sure your pound goes further; look at what added value you can receive. 

In a world that is hinged on technology, make sure your hotel can offer stable, reliable Wi-Fi. It sounds crazy in 2018, but you need to have confidence that you can access crucial business data securely. If this is a top requirement and having access to your company network via phone, tablet or laptop is essential, it really is always worth confirming their technical ability to provide you with the service you require. By checking with the hotel it ensures you aren’t left disappointed or unable to work on arrival.  

We know that business travel can be a lonely and soulless affair, by choosing an independent or family run hotel you can be sure to receive a warm and hospitable welcome, yet still have the resources and facilities you need as a business traveller. Making sure your hotel has ample parking, breakout rooms for impromptu meetings, a lively restaurant or bar on-site for the evening or quiet spaces to work, we always find these things are essential from is essential. Also, if you are staying in a hotel that is not purely for the business traveller, do always check the breakfast times. More often than not they begin at 7am, but remember, you can always put in a request for an earlier start at the time of booking.

Pack smart…

Living out of a suitcase isn’t pleasant, especially if you’re lugging around items you don’t really need! Many hotels offer a wrap around service and can provide you with many of your creature comforts. Don’t be fooled, it’s not only big hotel brands and chains that can offer you bath sheets, hair dryers, dry-cleaning, irons and spare chargers; many independent hotels can also offer you all you need too!

Stay fit…

One of the hardest things about travelling frequently is sticking to a healthy diet and exercising frequently. Exercise is a powerful way to keep motivated and increase productivity; if you are an active gym goer then a business trip can get in the way of your schedule, but don’t let it! Many hotels now offer great leisure complexes, with pools, saunas and steam rooms – as well as weights and cardio equipment. Always make sure that if you are choosing a hotel that is not a Business Hotel, you check their opening times. Opening at 7am and closing at 9pm, we have learnt that for business travellers, these timings are crucial to suite their schedules.

Enjoy your trip!

Travel can be one of the most enjoyable but also time-consuming aspects of business life. Whilst continuing economic uncertainty around the world has rattled business confidence, it has not stopped companies from needing to send their staff out on the road. So rather than fight it – embrace it! People often focus on the negatives about travelling for work; leaving family, the never-ending days on the road, check-ins and that’s without including your 9-5! The thing is, it can also broaden the mind, enhance creativity and improve self-knowledge – make sure you allow yourself time to enjoy even just an hour’s stroll each day – because that alone really will transform how you look at business travel. 

The New Continental Hotel welcomes business travellers and we would like to thank all of the companies and organisations who have chosen us as their preferred hotel in Plymouth over the last 30 years.  

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