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  1. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll find plenty of free things to do in Plymouth that will suit your interests and budget.
  2. Feed the kids for free
    Looking for cheap eats for the kids this summer? Then look no further. A variety of different restaurants serving a plethora of cuisines are offering free food for children across the summer holidays in Plymouth.

Free in Plymouth

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  1. Make memories this summer in Britain’s Ocean City
    From the thrill of the sea to cultural highlights and culinary delights, Plymouth is the place to be this summer.
  2. Things to do in Plymouth
    Plymouth is a vibrant waterfront city packed full of attractions, activities, shopping, entertainment and sightseeing. Come rain or shine you’ll find something for everyone among the city streets, surrounding countryside and marine environment beyond.
  3. Welcome to the Visit Plymouth blog, where you'll find the latest inspiration and ideas on your trip to Britain's Ocean City.