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Nestled in the heart of Plymouth's Mayflower Marina, Jolly Jacks Waterside Bar and Bistro beckons you to a dining experience like no other. Experience breathtaking views of the marina, and a commitment to delivering the freshest, most sustainable local seafood in this coastal paradise.



Jolly Jacks’ menu focuses heavily on the finest catches of the day, cooked without fuss, allowing the quality produce to showcase itself. From succulent fish dishes to flavourful shellfish delights, their  diverse seafood selection caters to all seafood enthusiasts.

Jolly Jacks Sunday Lunch in Plymouth

Sunday Lunches

Crafted with care and precision, the restaurant's sumptuous roasts are a taste of heaven. Savour their succulent Westcountry meats and relish the flavours of the freshest, locally-sourced vegetables. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just love good food, Jolly Jacks' Sunday lunches are the perfect choice.


Winter offers

Elevate your weekend with irresistible homemade desserts for just £5 on top of your Sunday Lunch.

You can also treat yourself with the perfect coffee and cake pairing for £5.

Get into the festive spirit with Winter Cocktails, including Chocolate Orange Martini, Spiced Storm, Mudslide, or the unique Winter Garden at Jolly Jacks. And the best part? It's a buy one, get one half price affair!


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