If you haven’t already heard that we’re in the middle of a climate crisis, you’ve probably been living under a rock! But do not fret, because this week's Friday Five suggests activities that are not only heaps of fun, but also give our planet a helping hand towards a cleaner future. Written by Avani Gupta, Real Ideas Employee, Environmentalist and Feminist.

Zero Waste Shopping!

Do you need a new toothbrush, are low on pasta or fancy treating your younger relatives with a wooden toy? Or perhaps with Father’s Day rapidly approaching, you’re in need of some guilt-free shopping!

Zero Waste shops such as Jar Plymouth on the Barbican and Green Shoots Eco in Devonport have an array of items that you can browse through at your leisure.

While shopping, it’s great to realise just how avoidable plastic packaging is. Noticing more natural ingredients helps us feel more connected to the world around us too.

Dive into rock pooling or even be part of a Citizen Science project

If you enjoy the smell of the ocean breeze, like the glisten of the water’s surface and want the chance to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family, going rock pooling might just be the answer to what you should do this weekend.

If you want to learn more about what you can find, The Rock Pool Project’s next Blue Recovery Beach Day is on Sunday 19 June and is welcome to people of all ages.

If your interest has peaked, you might find citizen science projects a treat. These projects often involve surveys where you note down what plants and animals you see and pass on the information to organisations like the Rock Pool Project. This information can be used for biodiversity research.

Experience virtual reality in Devonport

Did you know the biggest dome in Europe is housed in Devonport? The Market Hall holds a state-of-the-art immersive dome and is currently running a Northern Lights & Climate Short Films experience that takes you abroad.

Shows are available to book all year round and they range from scenes of underwater animation to space exploration to displays of dance.

The Real Ideas Organisation, behind Market Hall, is providing us with access to some fast-developing technology that firmly cements Plymouth on the map of places to be.

Venture into 30 days wild

We may be a couple of weeks into June but it isn’t too late to get involved with Wildlife Trust’s latest adventure to discover what’s living in your garden, local park or even at a coastline near you.

30 days wild is a national activity that is about getting outdoors, being active and having a good old look around. Spot how many different creepy crawlies, types of flowers or even birds in trees you can see throughout June.

Some exciting animals to find in Plymouth include hedgehogs, bats and fancy little spiders on land, and anemones, sea snails and crabs in the sea!

The day isn’t complete without a decent meal…

As this week’s article is aiming to grant our planet some respite, we couldn’t get to the end without mentioning food choices. Of course, choosing vegetarian and vegan options when you’re next out and about will certainly sum up!

It might be hard to convince your other half, son, or auntie to go to an all-veggie restaurant, so instead, choose a restaurant that has plenty of delicious plant-based options to pick from.

Try flavours inspired from around the world with lunch at Jabulani’s at the Plot or dinner in the Thai House on Notte Street.



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